Where is it made?

Herbal Ignite is situated in New Zealand, where we combine the benefits of doing business is a clean green environment with high quality production and testing capabilities.

Herbal Ignite is manufactured in New Zealand’s South Island, in an environment famous world-wide for its pristine mountains and forests, and unpolluted air and water, free from pesticide or heavy metal contamination. The manufacturing facility operates according to Good Manufacturing Practice standards, and testing is conducted according to Quality Assurance principles.

Our raw material supplier is ISO9001/HACCP accredited and only sources herbal extracts from approved suppliers able to provide consistently high quality materials. All herbal suppliers are required to be also committed to GMP principles.

Herbal Ignite is manufactured according to the best in manufacturing practice, in a facility which is also registered to produce quality supplements for the Australian market under the Australian government’s Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA) protocols.

All the raw materials in Herbal Ignite are guaranteed free of microbial, heavy metal and pesticide contamination. Herbal Ignite undergoes a rigorous testing regime before and during the manufacturing process to ensure we offer herbal product of a consistently high quality which meets full specifications for every batch.

Product safety has been assessed to Australian and New Zealand Guidelines and our products are free from potentially harmful synthetic ingredients. We are proud to make following promises to our customers

  • No lead or dangerous metal residues
  • No ingredients we consider potentially harmful
  • No Herbicide or Pesticide Residues
  • No Genetically Modified Ingredients
  • No Animal Testing
  • Always Use High Quality Herbs