What is it made of?

Herbal Ignite for Women is made from four herbs – traditionally used to balance women’s reproductive health and enhance libido and arousal. 

Tribulus terrestris

Common name: Puncture vine

A small ground hugging shrub with lethal thorns sharp enough to puncture bicycle tyres – hence the name – tribulus grows throughout Asia and Europe and is also widespread in the Australian outback where it might have been originally spread from the hides of imported camels.

Traditional Use: Has a long history of traditional use in China, India, and Greece for sexual health, and boosting energy levels. It has come to notice in the last few decades because of research in Eastern Europe and its use by high profile sports teams, including Bulgarian Olympic weighlifters.

Tribulus is beneficial as a general tonic – improving energy and enhancing a sense of well being – as well as supportive of reproductive and sexual health.

In ancient times it was recommended as a treatment to support female fertility and to maintain a healthy libido in both men and women.

Tribulus has been part of the formula for the men’s sexual enhancement tonic Herbal Ignite for the last 13 years, and many women have used Ignite with success to boost their libido and reduce menopausal symptoms.


Botanical name: Turnera diffusa

Damiana is a relatively small shrub from southern Texas, Central and South America and the Caribbean that produces small, aromatic flowers. It blossoms in early to late summer and is followed by fruits that taste similar to figs.

Traditional Use:

The leaves have traditionally been made into a tea and an incense which was used by native people for its relaxing effects. Spanish missionaries first recorded that the Mexican Indians drank damiana tea mixed with sugar for use as an aphrodisiac.

Damiana is used to make a Mexican liqueur which is sometimes used in lieu of Triple Sec in margaritas – Mexican folklore says it was the original “Margaritas.”

This powerful plant substance of Mayan descent is well known for its libido enhancing qualities and positive effects on the reproductive organs.

It helps a woman achieve orgasm and increases sexual pleasure.

Dubbed the “ultimate feel good herb”, damiana:

  • relaxes the body
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • lifts mood
  • Increases overall sexual sensitivity

Horny Goat Weed

Botanical name: Epimedium Brevicornu

Common name: Horny goat weed, or yin yang huo 

Horny goat weed is a flowering plant hugely popular with gardeners in Japan for centuries but only recently coming to notice in the West.  Many of the 60 known species of epimedium are thought to have aphrodisiac properties, largely associated with a saponin called icariin. It grows wild throughout China and the East, with some European species as well.

Icariin is believed to increase nitric oxide levels relaxing genital muscles in men and women, promoting erections and orgasms.

Traditional Use:

Epimedium is an ancient traditional tonic for erectile function and enhancement of libido in both men and women, dating back to ancient times, and mentioned in herbalist texts around 200 BC. It was said to “tonify life’s gate” – a term used to describe vital sexual energy.

The name “horny goat weed” arose because legend says a goat herder noticed when he animals grazed on epimedium they became sexually active.

US Patent examiners accepted horny goat weed had been used as a traditional PDE-5 inhibitor for erectile dysfunction hundreds of years before Viagra and rescinded Viagra’s claim to being the “first PDE 5 inhibitor to treat erectile dysfunction.”

Horny goat weed benefits sexual health because it:

(Tick) Aids better erections

Enhances sexual response and orgasm

Is an effective tonic for kidney and adrenal function

Relieves menopause symptoms

Increases testosterone

Dong Quai

Botanical name: Angelica polymorpha

Common name: Chinese angelica, Dang qui

Traditional Use:
Dong quai has been used in China for thousands of years, and is seen as the “female gin seng”. Known as “the woman’s herb” it is traditionally considered to have remarkable powers for nourishing female glands, rebuilding blood, and helping to delay the symptoms of old age in women.

One of the most widely used herbs in the Orient, dong quai duck is a popular Cantonese dish.

Dong quai root benefits for women’s health include: 

  • Relieves menopause
  • Eases menstrual cramps and PMS
  • Helps with vaginal dryness

Useful for restoring normal periods after being on the Pill

Supports female hormonal health