• Rachel A – Christchurch.
    I have been Herbal Ignite for women now for 3 months and what a change. I am a 47 year old women and before Herbal Ignite I was uptight, depressed and had hardly any interest in bedroom activity, but after using Herbal Ignite for women I feel like a new women. I am happy, my PMS symptoms are so much more manageable, and I am not so grumpy. I highly recommend Herbal Ignite for women, the best product I have found for women so far.

  • Janine A.
    Rapt with Ignite, going very well. Worked in about 2 weeks. Ran out 3 weeks ago and noticed the difference.

  • Susan B.
    Really good. Helps me sleep, and feel so much better.

  • Jan K.
    Very happy. Worked in 3 weeks. All my interest in my husband has returned; thanks to Ignite.

  • Jane P.
    Yes, it has worked, am diabetic, gluten sufferer (=Celiac) (wheat, oats, barley, rye).

  • Joy M.
    Recommended by doctor. Can see why!

  • Shona O.
    Yep, great for me. Helping with menopause. Notice drop when I stopped taking it.

  • Wendy M.
    Husband and I taking it both. Lots more energy. Husband’s cholesterol has gone down. I feel great!

  • Toni R.
    My husband and I are both taking Ignite. From my point of view it worked in about three weeks. Not only do I feel better but I have more interest in being intimate with my husband. I can now be aroused very easily. And I don’t hear him complaining either.

  • Chrissy W.
    Hi, this is to inform you about my recent discovery using IGNITE, I travel a lot and a couple of times I haven’t taken my pills with me, I have found that 3 days in a row without taking them I get all the symptoms of menopause back again, I have tried all sorts of things to help with BAD hot flushes, this product is the ONLY thing that works for me and it was by mistake that I have found this out. Thanks for a great product.

  • Rebecca A.
    Suffer from hormone imbalance. Find Ignite is great for mood swings. Had a trial run of Ignite for three weeks (supplied by a friend) and felt really great mentally as well as physically. Lots of energy. Then had three days without Ignite (to see if Ignite was a factor) and started to feel like crap. Originally was recommended Ignite by two friends who are on it. My uncle is on Ignite as well and he is really feeling the effects and had to tone down the amount of capsules he takes daily.