Sex Tablets for Women – A Guide

Sex Tablets for Women – A Guide

Sex tablets for women to increase low libido or help correct hormonal imbalances that cause vaginal dryness are available in several forms – both pharmaceutical and naturally herbal. But for women, improving their sexual health is much more complex than simply “popping a sex tablet.” Sexual health experts agree men and women differ widely in the way they respond sexually. Women’s sexual response is influenced by a wider range of factors and so sex tablets for women may treat a much wider range of emotional and physical issues like energy levels, fatigue, stress, anxiety and low libido. While one Australian study found married men enjoying regular sex lives were happier than single men, for many women research to show it is not the amount of sex but its quality that impacts most on a woman’s happiness.

When Sex Drive Is a Problem

Low sex drive in women is common amongst women at many ages, but it is only a problem if the women if unhappy about it, or if she is in a relationship where her partner wants more sex and it is causing tension between them. Some women feel no desire for sex and experience no sense of loss, while others feel upset and under stress in a relationship if their sex drive wanes. Many women admit they no longer feel desire for sex, according to Sydney sex therapist Dr Rosie King. However if a lack of sex drive, or discomfort having sex due to vaginal dryness is causing relationship tension, there are pharmaceutical or herbal treatments available. However if a lack of sex drive, or discomfort having sex due to vaginal dryness is causing relationship tension, there are pharmaceutical or herbal treatments available.

Pharmaceutical Sex Tablets for Low Libido

Hormonal imbalance – either low testosterone or imbalance in other hormones after menopause of child birth – is a common cause of low libido in women, and oestrogen or testosterone replacement can make a big difference in affected women. The most common pharmaceutical treatments for women’s sexual health are: Testosterone therapy

  • Oestrogen therapy
  • Bio-identical hormone creams
  • Different from of contraceptive pill

Hormone Therapies for Women’s Sex Drive

Australia is a world leader in studying how testosterone affects women’s health, with research led by Professor Susan Davis from the Jean Hailes Foundation in Melbourne. Professor Davis says women’s sex drive is much more complicated than men’s. “Just increasing blood flow to the genitals isn’t the right solution.” The Jean Hailes Foundation provides full details of testosterone treatments for women with low libido on their website. The Australasian Menopause Society suggests oestrogen therapy (available in oral pills or creams) is another option for postmenopausal women with low libido. There is also an Australian bio-identical testosterone cream made from soy and wild yam substrates available for men and women with low libido. Some contraceptive pills have a negative impact on women’s libido, but a new contraceptive pill that may also boost libido has been approved by the TGA for sale to Australianwomen. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Australian institutions took part in the research to support the development of Qlaira, an oral contraceptive containing a natural form of the female hormone oestradiol.

Herbal Sex Tablets for Women’s Libido

Natural herbal sex tablets like Herbal Ignite contain herbs which provide multiple solutions in one formula, with herbs to increase energy, reduce sex, help with relaxation and balance hormones. The overall result is a happier, more relaxed woman who is much more prepared to engage in sex. Herbs that have commonly been used for centuries to help women’s reproductive health include damiana, dong quai, tribulus terrestris, and horny goat weed. Don’t delay. Discover the Ignite difference for