Menopause and Your Sex Drive

Menopause and Your Sex Drive

Menopause is what happens naturally to a woman’s body when she is over 40 and stops having her monthly periods and no longer has to worry about getting pregnant.

Menopause is often accompanied by other symptoms like hot flashes, decreased spontaneous vaginal lubrication and an increased risk of thinning bones and heart disease.

Although sex drive can remain constant a woman in menopause is just as able to fall madly in love as a 20 year old sometimes the side effects of the hormonal change make the physical performance of sex more difficult.

You may need the assistance of an intimate lubricant to compensate for less spontaneous lubrication, and sometimes Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or an herbal alternative like Herbal Ignite for Women to help balance out hormonal highs and lows.

Herbal Ignite for Women is a libido enhancer and hormone balancing natural supplement that relieves hot flushes, increases sexual satisfaction, reduces exhaustion and lifts mood and energy.

How Long Does Menopause Last?

The transition through menopause can last 10-15 years (biological menopause) or can happen in as little as one to two months (due to surgery or therapies that cause sudden ovarian failure).

The amount of time that menopause takes can have a dramatic effect on the occurrence and severity of physical symptoms.

As women mature through their 40s and 50s and transition through biological menopause, ovarian function slowly ebbs, then ceases. The ovaries are responsible for producing several hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone), as well as holding, maturing and then releasing fertile eggs into the oviducts leading to the uterus.

As menopause proceeds, the estrogen produced by the ovaries becomes less and less, which eventually prevents any eggs from maturing or being released.

It’s thought that hot flashes are caused by the brain attempting to “kick start” the ovaries into producing more estrogen—the flashes finally subside when the brain realizes that estrogen production isn’t going to rise up again.

Herbal Ignite Natural Libido Enhancer

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